Technical Specifications

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:
Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS X+/Leopard, or Linux

Web Browser:
Your Curent Flash
Requirements for Special Features:
  • For Desktop Sharing or Screen Capture:
  • For Built-in Voice Over IP (VOIP)
    • A Microphone
    • Allow Flash access to Mic (You will be prompted when clicking "Push To Talk")
  • To Broadcast Video via Webcam
    • A Webcam
    • Allow Flash access to Webcam (You will be prompted when clicking the "Broadcast Video" icon)

Is your company behind a firewall?

Vyew normally works behind a firewall. But in some cases, if the firewall settings are very secure or too "smart", Vyew may get blocked.

If Vyew is getting blocked by your firewall

Please contact your network administrator, and ask them to open up port 1936

Filetype Compatibility

Vyew can natively import the following file types:
  • .PPT (MS Powerpoint)
  • .DOC (MS Word)
  • .XLS (MS Excel)
  • .TXT (Raw text file)
  • Any Open Office Document
  • .PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
  • .JPG (Image)
  • .GIF (Image)
  • .PNG (Image - w/alpha channel)
  • .SWF (Flash Movie)
  • .FLV (Flash Video)*
  • .RTF (Rich Text Format)
*.FLV files can be played in Vyew Meetings, but must be hosted on your own server (or YouTube).

What about importing from other applications?

Vyew has a built-in screen capture utility. You can easily take cropped screen shots of any other application, such as Autocad, Quickbooks, or your favorite website within your browser.




Page last updated: Jan 2008