Customizing Vyew (Branding)

Vyew can be customized in these ways:
Custom Color Themes Color the interface to match your company brand Five preset color themes are available for free. Your own custom colors are add-on options available to Plus and Professional subscriptions.
Custom Meeting URL Get your own direct URL to your meeting
ie. ""
Add-on option for Plus and Professional subscriptions
Logo Banner Put your logo in a banner in the Vyew interface Add-on option for Professional subscription only
Private Label Offer Vyew to your customers as your own product with your complete brand Please contact us for more information

Custom Color Themes

How can I get Custom Color Themes?

A small selection of Color Themes are free for all users. But for totally custom colors, we offer this add-on for $5/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set-up a Custom Color Theme?
Login to Vyew, then go to Main Menu / Edit Color Theme. Choose a theme along the left of the Color Theme interface. Once you have chosen one, a preview will appear. Click "Apply Theme" and your chosen Color Theme will be applied to all of your Vyew Rooms (and also Published 'Vyewlets').
2. How long does it take to set-up a Custom Color Theme?
From just a few seconds up to as long as you'd like to get it just right.
3. How will my Custom Color Theme be applied?
Simply complete the simple steps above and your Custom Color Theme will be automatically applied to all of your Vyew Rooms (and Vyewlets).
4. What colors can I use?
The Vyew Custom Color Theme tool provides color swatches to make applying custom colors to the user interface quick and easy. You can also use Hex values.
5. Can I change my Custom Color Theme?
Yes, you can change your Custom Color Theme anytime by repeating the steps above.
6. Can I save my Custom Color Theme?
Yes, you can save your Custom Color Theme by name when created. You can then switch between different Custom Color Themes you have created. Subscribers that purchase the Custom Color Theme Add-on can save up to 20 color themes, switching between them any time.

Custom Meeting URL

Get your own URL, such as:

Vyew makes it faster and easier to get started collaborating! Now Vyew subscribers can invite persons to their Vyew Room or Vyew Rooms using Custom Room IDs which allow customized 1-click access.

Pricing and Sign-up

Access your Vyew Rooms quickly

A Custom Room ID allows for quick and easy access to your Room and Vyew Rooms by entering them directly from a URL in your browser.

For example, if your Custom Room ID is "John" and you have a Vyew Room called "newideas", this Vyew Room can be accessed instantly by entering the following simple URL into your browser:

Vyew will automatically resolve to the full Vyew Room address:

Share your Vyew Rooms without formal invitations

Let's say that John is on the phone with an associate, Sarah, and he wants her to see his Vyew Room. He can tell her to go the web address If John has set the Access Control for this Vyew Room to "Open to Anyone", Sarah will be able to join the Vyew Room immediately:

If John doesn't want his Vyew Room to be "Open to Anyone", but still wants to allow quick access without invitations, he can set a Vyew Room password. When Sarah goes to the Vyew Room, she can just enter the password to gain access:

Start impromptu, ad-hoc meetings fast

What if you're on the phone and you're trying to explain something complicated? Sketch it in a Vyew Room! Here's a typical scenario:

Sarah: I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to describe.
John: Are you in front of a computer?
Sarah: Yes.
John: OK, go to

How can I get a Custom Room ID?

Custom Room IDs are offered to Vyew subscribers as an Add-on for only $10/year.
Get a Custom Room ID Now!

Custom Logo Banner

Put your in a banner in Vyew interface
Vyew now gives users the power to customize the look of the Vyew user interface! In addition to Custom Color Themes, subscribers can purchase an optional Custom Ad as an Add-on to their subscription (Professional package only).

How can I get a Custom Ad?

Custom Ads are offered to subscribers of Vyew's Professional package as an Add-on for only $5/month (plus a one-time set-up fee of $50).

Get a Custom Ad Now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Ads:

1. How do I set-up a Custom Ad?
If you purchased a Custom Ad for your subscription, please contact us follow the set-up instructions here.
2. How long does it take to set-up a Custom Ad?
Please allow up to 24 hours for your Custom Ad to be activated.
3. Who will see my Custom Ad?
Once activated, your Custom Ad will appear in the top margin of all your Vyew Rooms viewed by Ad-Free Participants. Overflow Participants - those over your Ad-Free Participant limit - may see other ads in place of your Custom Ad.
4. Can I submit an animated GIF file or Flash file?

Yes, you can submit an animated GIF or Flash file for your Custom Ad, but is discouraged. This could be distracting from your web meetings.

6. Can I make submit a Custom Ad of a dimension other than 468x60?
Yes, you can submit a Custom Ad of any dimension up to a max of 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. For example, you can submit a 234x60, 120x60, 88x31 and so forth.
7. Can I change my Custom Ad?
Yes, you can change your Custom Ad. Simply send us an email with the updated ad as an attachment to support@vyew with the subject line "Custom Ad Change". Please allow up to 48 hours for Custom Ad changes.

To inquire about additional Custom Branding or Custom Skinning of the Vyew user interface for your business, contact us.

Page last updated: Feb 2008