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Getting Started with Vyew

What is Vyew?

Vyew is a browser-based collaboration and conferencing platform that enables. It allows web users to share and create together in real-time and over time (meaning anytime they want). Vyew users can upload and annotate files (.doc, .odt, .xls, .ods, .ppt, .odp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf, .mp3), take screen captures of their desktop, and draw with white-board tools. They can also share their desktop in real-time.

Saving and Accessing Content

Content in Vyew is always auto-saved in the system and can be accessed anytime by any users who are allowed access. Vyew meeting rooms can also be publicized so that guest users can enter.

Communication Options in Vyew

During live conferencing sessions users can communicate via:

More info on communcation: Which option to use when...

What is a VyewRoom?

A VyewRoom is what we call a meeting room. But it's more than that. Meeting rooms are usually synchronous only -- which means that after the meeting, the content within it is gone. But in Vyew all meetings take place in VyewRooms which are saved forever (until you delete them).

A VyewRoom is a collection of pages containing all types of multimedia content used in a meeting. Participants upload or create content in VyewRooms and invite others to collaborate on the content in real time (synchronously) or any time (asynchronously). During real-time collaboration, participants can view pages within VyewRooms together on the same page in using SYNC/UNSYNC Mode.


Learning the Interface



Main Menu

Access basic Vyew functions here. Subscribe to remove ads from the service. Edit your Account Settings such as password and notifications. You can also edit your Color Themes.

The VyewRoom

The VyewRoom is accessed by the row of TABS. The middle one shown here is the VyewRoom named "NOTES". This is where all of the collaborative / conferencing takes place.

Inside the VyewRoom are other menus and buttons:

  • Menu and Edit menu (For Moderators and Owners only)
  • Command icons include: Import file into this page, Take screenshot of your desktop, Load a plugin into this page, Paste Object, Object Selector, Print VyewRoom, Add a new Page, Remove Page, Duplicate Page, Synch Mode, and Magnifier
  • Page Navigator
  • Draw Tools: Selection Tool, Pen Tool, Highlighter Tool, Text Writing Tool, TextPad Tool, StickyNote Tool, Line Tool, Oval Tool, Rectangle Tool, Rubber Stamp Tool, Delete Tool and Start/Stop showing your cursor to all users


Items in the VyewRoom tab: 

Book Menu

The Book Menu is kind of like a "File Menu" on desktop applications. Here you can create New Books, Rename, etc...


To duplicate a VyewBook, open it up, then use the "Save as..." command.

Printing / Exporting a VyewBook

We regret to say that our Print function is buggy for VyewBooks with a lot of graphics in them. We are working on a version of Vyew that includes a new Export to PDF / Print function which will be out Summer 2009.
  • Publish: The Publish command makes a read-only copy of your VyewBook then gives you a URL and HTML code so you can link to or embed your VyewBook inside your webpage, blog, facebook page, or what have you. We call this a Vyewlet.
  • Preload All Pages: Normally we pre-load 1 page ahead of your current page. So if you are on page 9, we load page 10 in the background so it is ready to see. "Preload All" loads all in the background. This is useful if you are giving a presentation, but not useful if you are on a slow connection or you have hundreds of pages, because it may cause your browser to lag.
  • VyewBook Details: Provides a list of activity details such as login times and lengths
  • VyewBook Settings: Allows you to change VyewBook specific settings:
    • VyewBook Access Control: Determines whether only the owner, invites, or or anyone can come into the room.
    • List this VyewBook in my Public Lobby: Places the VyewBook in your public lobby for anyone to access.
    • Sync mode: Indicate whether the VyewBook should be synchronized or unsynchronized as individuals leave the meeting.
    • Conference call number: View and/or edit the conference call number associated with this VyewBook

Edit Menu

The Edit Menu includes commands for editing your currently opened VyewBook. Below is a description of each command.

  • Insert File, Images, etc.: Uploads files into the current VyewBook
  • Insert Screen Capture: Uploads a screen capture of your screen into the current VyewBook.
  • Insert Plugin: Displays a list of plugins you can insert; toggle between Standard Plug-ins and Alpha Plug-ins; click on the name of each plug-in for its description.
  • Undo: Undo last action
  • Cut / Copy / Paste: Move or duplicate objects in the VyewBook
  • Paste in Place: Pastes the copied or cut object in the same place on the current page as it was on the page it was copied or cut from
  • Clear Drawings: Clears all drawings on the current page
  • Clear Text: Clears all text on the current page
  • Clear Images/Media: Clears all images and media on current page
  • Delete Page from Book: Deletes the current page from your VyewBook
  • Unlock all Objects: Unlocks all objects on current page
  • Select Specific Object: Provides a list of objects on the page to select from by name


Command Icons

Command icons appear next to the Edit Menu and across the top of the Vyew screen. The titles and purposes of the icons display when you mouse over the icons. Below is a description of each command icon.

  • Import file into this page: Imports a file from your computer. Click “Advanced” to import a file from the Web, from another VyewBook, or from files not inside any book.
  • Take screenshot of your desktop: Imports a screenshot of your desktop or any other window that is open, then crops the image and imports it onto the white board.
  • Load plugin: Displays a list of plugins you can insert; toggle between Standard Plug-ins and Alpha Plug-ins; click on the name of each plug-in for its description.
  • Paste Object: Pastes a copied or cut object on to the current page
  • Object Selector: Provides a list of objects on page to select from by name
  • Print VyewBook: Prints your VyewBook.
  • Add a new Page: Adds a new page to the VyewBook
  • Remove Page: Deletes the current page from the VyewBook
  • Duplicate Page: Creates a copy of the current page in the VyewBook
  • Magnifier Menu: Click on the magnifier icon to display a menu with the following options:
  • Magnifier Tool: Click on this icon to enable the Magnifier Tool. Click on the current page to zoom in and shift click on the page to zoom out.
    • Plus sign: Click to zoom in on the current page.
    • Minus sign: Click to zoom out on the current page.
    • Zoom Reset: Click to reset page to normal size after zooming.
    • Auto-zoom to fit on page: Adjusts the page content size to fit on a single screen.


Page Navigator

The Page Navigator allows participants to navigate through the opened VyewBook. Moderators can select Sync Mode or Unsync Mode to synchronize or unsynchronized participants’ navigation. Below is a description of the items in the Page Navigator.

Sync Mode/Unsync Mode

A VyewBook can be in either of the two modes. In Sync Mode, all page changes are synchronized so that all users in a VyewBook Meeting are always on the same page. This is useful during a presentation. In Unsync Mode, users can roam to whatever pages they please without affecting other users. This is useful for many people collaborating within a VyewBook on different pages at the same time.

  • Sync Mode: Synchronizes the participants’ views with the moderator’s view. Click to display a menu with the following commands:
    • Turn OFF Sync Mode: Enables all participants to navigate independently through the VyewBook
    • Un-Sync Myself Only: Allows you to navigate pages independently from other participants who will still be synchronized.
  • Unsync Mode: Unsynchronizes the participants’ views with the moderator’s view. Click to display a menu with the following commands:
    • Turn ON Sync Mode: Synchronizes the participants’ views with the moderator’s view.
  • When everyone exits this VyewBook: Select one of the below three options from the menu to define the state of the VyewBook when everyone leaves it.
    • Change it to Sync Mode: Changes the VyewBook to sync mode if it was in unsync mode when everyone left it.
    • Change it to Un-Sync Mode: Changes the VyewBook to unsync mode if it was in sync mode when everyone left it.
    • Leave as is: Leaves the VyewBook in its current state, either in sync or unsync mode.


A VyewBook in Sync Mode takes away the rights of "Viewers" to navigate pages. A VyewBook in Unsync Mode, allows "Viewers" to roam freely to any page in the VyewBook Meeting. (More about User Roles and Permissions)

Page Navigator Dropdown

  • Page navigation: Click on the arrow to open the list, and then click the page name in the list to go to that page.
  • Page naming: Type over the currently displayed page name to rename it.
  • Page reordering: Click on the arrow to open the list, then drag a page names to its new location in the list.
  • Arrows:
    • Click the left arrow to go back one page.
    • Click the right arrow to advance one page.

Importing and Creating Content


The Import button can be found in the top left corner of the interface, next to the Edit Menu. The Import tool enables participants to import files from their computers, other VyewBooks or webpages. For additional features, such as the ability to import files from the web or from other VyewBooks, click on �Advanced� after opening the Import dialog. Below is a description of the different Insert options.

  • Upload From My Computer - Click to select and upload a file from your computer. File types that can be uploaded include .doc, .odt, .xls, .ods, .ppt, .odp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf and .mp3.
  • Upload From a URL � Type in a URL to upload a file from a specified website.
  • Insert From Another VyewBook � Select a VyewBook to insert a file from an existing VyewBook.
  • Import from Google Images � Click to insert a picture from Google Images. You can then directly perform a search on Google Images through
  • Lock after Upload � Check the Lock after Upload box to secure objects and ensure that they are not accidentally deleted or moved.
  • Import as an interactive object � Check the Import as an interactive object box when uploading a Flash SWF.
  • Insert into a new page � Check the Insert into a new page box to insert the file into a new page. Uncheck the Insert into new page box to insert file onto an existing page. Note that some insertions, such as document uploads, will always be added to a new page regardless of this option's status.
  • Simple/Advanced � Click on Advanced to view the Advanced menu as shown above. Click on Simple to return to the original menu.

    Drawing Tools

    Vyew uses the same style of toolsets as other popular drawing programs. The Drawing Tools are along left side of the screen. You have your basic tools such as:

    • Selection Tool: Select, Move, Resize objects. When selecting an object, a menu appears in the upper left corner of that object allowing you to:
      • Cut/Copy/Duplicate the object
      • Arrange depth of object: : Put objects in front or behind eachother.
      • Rotate: Rotate certain objects and file types, e.g. images
      • Lock/Unlock Object: Object then can't be moved or accidentally deleted.

        Important: How to UNLOCK an object

        Once an object is locked, it must be unlocked by using the OBJECT SELECTOR tool. Access the Object Selector in the top row of buttons directly to the LEFT of the Page Navigator. To select multiple objects at once, hold down the shift key while selecting the objects one by one.
      • Download this file: Click the disk icon at the bottom right of a selected object to download the original file. This function applies to all pictures and .pdf, .doc and .ppt file formats.
    • Pen & Highlighter Tools: Draw with differing thicknesses and colors.
    • Text Tools: There are currently 2 text tools. "Text Tool" and "Text Pad". The Text Tool is for basic text. The Text Pad is for longer text, with some formatting such as bold, italics, etc. You can also wrap long paragraphs with scrollbars inside the Text Pad.
    • Comment / Sticky Note Tool: Create sticky notes within the VyewBook which can also be viewed in the sidebar. A selected sticky note can be deleted, replied to, or receive a voice comment.
    • Line/Oval/Rectangle Tool: Draw various shapes with differing colors and line thicknesses. The Oval and Rectangle tool also have an extra FILL color option.
    • The Stamp Tool: Select from the Stamp Library drop down menu Greek, Chemistry or Math symbol libraries or VyewBooks that you own. Select a symbol or object from the chosen library or VyewBook to stamp on the current page. Click the Dock Window checkbox to display the library at the bottom of the current page for easy symbol or object selection.
    • The Pointer Tool (Located inside the Stamp Tool): Allows you to stamp a red pointer at a fixed location on the current page.
    • Delete Tool: Select this tool to delete objects on the current page. Move your cursor to the object you want to delete, which will be highlighted. Click on the object to delete it.
    • Show/Hide Cursor: This toggle switch lets you show or hide your cursor to other participants



    VyewBook Plug-ins help add impact and functionality to pages. Select a Plug-In from the list and then click �Load� to add it to your page.

    The Plug-In button looks like a puzzle piece and is located on top of the VyewBook, next to the Screenshot button. Clicking the Plug-in button causes the pop-up shown below to appear. You can toggle between standard and alpha plug-ins by clicking on the button named Alpha/Standard Plug-ins. Below is a description of the different available plug-ins.

    • Standard Plug-ins
      • Graphing Calculator � Draw graphs of multiple user-defined functions on an X-Y axis.
      • Equation Editor �Create and display complex mathematic equations.
      • Simple Calendar � A simple one-month calendar that you can annotate as desired.
      • Quiz/Poll � Your own quiz or poll can be generated during meetings.
      • DiagramVyew Beta � A simple diagramming plug-in.
      • Mathematic Calculator � Evaluate equations and do numerical calculations.
      • MP3 Player � MP3s can be played within VyewBooks for all participants to hear.
      • Flash Video/Youtube player � Load and play Flash Videos files from a given URL.
      • Dynamic Button � Add a button to make your page more interactive.
    • Alpha Plug-ins
      • Data Grid � A data grid component.
      • Checkbox � A simple checkbox that is synced and remembers its state.
      • LaTex Math � Create professional-quality equations.
      • Checkers Game � Play a game of Checkers. Requires 2 users to play.
      • Deck O�Cards � Play with a deck of cards.
      • Dice Roller � Roll dice. Simply insert the desired number of sides, and the number of dice.
      • Integrator � Perform symbolic integration of an equation.



Managing Your Meetings: My Home / My VyewBooks tab

The My Home tab is the dashboard for managing your VyewBooks and their associated files, for creating VyewBooks, uploading content, scheduling meetings and inviting participants.

My VyewBooks tab

The My VyewBooks tab lists VyewBooks you own and those you have been invited to attend. It also lists active and scheduled meetings. It includes buttons for creating and deleting VyewBooks, uploading content, scheduling meetings and inviting participants. It provides details about each VyewBook such as its number of pages and activity.
There are two lists of VyewBooks displayed in the My VyewBooks tab: My VyewBooks and VyewBooks I have been invited to / scheduled to attend. Below is a description of the lists and the actions you can perform on each VyewBook in the lists.

My VyewBooks list

The My VyewBooks list displays the VyewBooks you own and their number of pages and activity.

  • To select a VyewBook, click on the checkbox next to its title.
  • To manage a VyewBook, click on the file cabinet icon next to its title. This displays a menu with options to open the book, invite people to the book, view files in the book, view the book activity log, delete the book, rename the book and edit its settings.
  • To open a VyewBook, click on its title.
  • To invite people to view or collaborate on a VyewBook, click on Invite People. This displays a menu with options to Invite to Live Meeting (a meeting happening at the current time), Invite for Review (allows participants to review the book at any time) and Schedule a Meeting (to schedule a future meeting).
  • For a list of book activity, click on Details. This displays a list of participants, the times they logged in and how long they were logged in.


VyewBooks I have been invited to/scheduled to attend:

This is a list of VyewBooks that others own and to which you have been invited.

  • To remove a VyewBook, click on the red “X” next to its title.
  • To manage a VyewBook, click on the file cabinet icon next to its title. This displays a menu with options to open the VyewBook, uninvite yourself from the VyewBook, invite people to the book or copy the book to your My VyewBooks list.
  • To open a VyewBook, click on its title.
  • To invite people to view or collaborate on a VyewBook, click on Invite People. This displays a menu with options to Invite to Meeting (allowing participants to access the VyewBook anytime), or Schedule a Meeting (allowing participants to access the Vyewbook only during a future scheduled time).


Commands in the My VyewBooks tab.


  • Upload Content: Provides options for uploading content into Vyew and displays a list of existing VyewBooks.
    • Upload Into a New VyewBook: Creates a new VyewBook and uploads content to it.
    • Upload Into Current VyewBook: Uploads content into the VyewBook you currently have open.
    • Upload Into an Existing Book: Select a book from the list to receive the uploaded content
  • Create a New VyewBook/Start a Meeting Now: Creates a new VyewBook
  • Schedule a Meeting: Schedules a meeting at a certain time for a specific length. The VyewBook will only be open to participants during the scheduled time window. Specify whether you want the meeting to occur in an existing or new VyewBook. Enter the email addresses of meeting participants or open the VyewBook to anyone who accesses the VyewBook URL. Select whether or not meeting participants can navigate the VyewBook on their own and whether to include conferencing information.
  • Invite People: Invites people to VyewBooks selected by checking the check box next to the VyewBook listed under My VyewBooks
  • Delete: Deletes selected VyewBooks.
  • Details: Provides login details about a VyewBook such as who logged on and for how long
  • Show: This dropdown list includes the following three options for displaying VyewBooks:
    • All: Displays all VyewBooks.
    • Active 1 Week: Displays shows VyewBooks active within one week.
    • Active 2 Weeks: Displays VyewBooks active within two weeks.


My Meetings Pod


This lists active meetings that you are in and upcoming meetings that you are scheduled to attend. Clicking on the refresh button (green arrows) will refresh the meeting list. You can join a current meeting by clicking on that meeting's name. By clicking on the name of an upcoming meeting, you can modify the meeting's details, view the meeting's specific URL, and/or cancel the scheduled meeting. On the next page, you can modify meeting participants. Finally, it is possible to modify sync mode settings and the conference call number associated with the particular meeting.


Inviting and Managing Meeting Participants

The Userlist Pod lists the meeting participants, their access and collaboration permissions and includes user, VyewBook and annotation management capabilities.

User Options

Clicking on your own name within the Userlist allows you to change your screen name and update your status. You can raise your hand, indicate that you are going away, ask to slow down, applause, or clear your status.


Clicking on another user's name within the Userlist allows you to change their permissions, if you are a moderator of the current VyewBook. You can promote, demote, or disconnect any user.

Invite People Button

This allows you to invite additional people to the current meeting.

VyewBook Access and Default User Type

This menu allows you to set participant access and collaboration permissions. It is divided into two sections:

  • VyewBook Access: Select from the below options.
    • Open to Anyone: Anyone can access the VyewBook at its URL
    • Invites Only: Only those invited can access the VyewBook.
    • Owner Only: The owner is the only person who can access the VyewBook
  • Default User Type: Select from the below options.
    • Viewer: Can only view the content in a VyewBook
    • Reviewer: Can view, annotate and add but not erase content
    • Collaborator: Can view, annotate, add and erase content and operate synchronization controls
    • Moderator: Can view, annotate, add and erase content, operate synchronization controls and set permissions of other users


Filter Drawings by User

Allows participants to see who made annotations. Participants can be individually selected from a list to show individual annotations; sequentially selected by holding down the shift key and clicking on the first and last in a series of participants to show their annotations; or non-sequentially selected by holding down the control key and clicking on participants to show their selected annotations

More Options Menu

  • Change my screen name: Displays a text box for changing your screen name.
  • Filter Drawings: (see description above)
  • Disconnect ALL Users: Disconnects all participants from the VyewBook
  • Demote ALL to Viewers: Demotes all participants to viewers.
  • Promote ALL to Collaborators: Promotes all participants to collaborators.
  • Invite People: This displays a menu with options to Invite to Meeting (allowing participants to access the Vyewbook anytime), or Schedule a Meeting (allowing participants to access the Vyewbook only during a future scheduled time).
  • VyewBook Settings: This allows you to quickly modify broader settings for the current VyewBook.


User Roles and Permissions

You can assign participants in your meeting User Roles which will determine what they are permitted to do in a meeting.

The most common roles are:
  • Viewer — In a Synchronized VyewBook, a Viewer can do nothing but watch a presentation.
    In an Un-Synchronized VyewBook, a Viewer can only navigate pages.
    This user can also chat.
  • Collaborator — A collaborator is a user who can:
Additional roles
  • Reviewer — This user can draw and annotate, but not delete pages or upload content.
  • Moderator — This user can do everything an Owner can, except change other users permissions.
The "Owner" role — You are the Owner

There is only one Owner of a VyewBook, and this person (you) has all access to every feature and setting.


Communicating in Vyew:

Voice/Video Webcam pod

The Voice/Webcam Pod includes the following controls for webcam and Voice over IP (VoIP) use:

  • Menu: Select low or regular presentation quality. This is a global setting, affecting all users in the VyewBook Meeting. Select low if there are users who are on a slow connection such as dial-up.
  • Webcam button: Click on it to start or stop presenting video with a webcam. If you do not automatically see your webcam in the pod or test, try right-clicking anywhere on the pod, choose settings, click on the camera icon, and select a different camera option.
  • Push to Talk button: Click to start and stop talking using VoIP with a computer microphone. Vyew supports duplex voice and up to three users may speak simultaneously using the VOIP service.


Chat pod

The Chat pod provides options for free conference calling and text chat. Below is a description of its features.

  • Chat Menu:
    • Save Chat: Saves the chat displayed in the Chat Pod.
    • Hide Conference Call button: Click to hide the Free Conference Call button.
    • Clear chat history: You can clear the chat history record for either the current VyewBook Meeting, or the Public Lobby.
  • Free Conference Call button: Provides a call-in number to all users in this VyewBook Meeting. (Long-distance charges may apply.)
  • All tab: Public chat with all participants. Type in the text box and press enter on your keyboard or on the screen to display your text.
  • Lobby tab: Chat with participants in your lobby. Type in the text box and press enter on your keyboard or on the screen to display your text.
  • Start Private Chat button: Clicking this button displays a list of participants to select for private chat. Type in the text box and press enter on your keyboard or on the screen to display your text.
  • Turn on/off the beep when a chat occurs toggle button: Click the speaker icon to enable or disable a beep when a participant enters chat text.
  • Get attention of all users with audio tone: Click the bell icon to get the attention of all users with an audio tone.


Asynchronous Communication: Comments Sidebar

The sticky note tool enables users to create sticky notes that are conveniently aggregated in the sidebar comment box on the right side of the VyewBook. This tool allows users to communicate asynchronously. You can delete, reply to or send a voice message in response to a sticky note. Below is a description of the tools within the sidebar comment box, which can be displayed or hidden by clicking on "Sidebar Comment" or the x in the upper right hand corner, respectively.
  • Filter � Click filter to display a choice selection of comments. You can choose to filter by user, date or flag. By checking the "Filter drawings" checkbox, you can filter a user's drawings in addition to their sticky notes.
  • New � Add a new comment or sticky note.
  • Reply � Respond to comments by clicking reply. You can either type in a text response or click on the sound button to respond with a voice message.
  • Delete � Click on the trashcan to delete selected comments.
  • Expand all/Collapse all � Click on Expand all to view all comments and replies in their entirety. Click Collapse all to view only the topics.
  • Search � Search for comments by typing in relevant keywords and checking the "body" checkbox. Search for specific users by typing in the user's name and checking the "user" check box.
  • Summary of comments � Click on the summary icon next to search to view a summary of all comments in the opened VyewBook. You need to own or be invited to the VyewBook in order to utilize this tool.image
  • Hide/Show links � Click to hide or show lines connecting comments in the sidebar to the positions of their respective Sticky Notes.


Desktop Sharing tab

Java 1.6 is required for all users who want to share their desktop. Check my Java Version
For users who have "Collaborator" user permissions and above, the Desktop Share tab allows you to start sharing your desktop.

Users who are "Reviewers" and "Viewers" (more about user permissions) will not see those buttons, and can only view other desktops being shared.

Java is not needed for viewers

Only users who wish to share their desktops need Java 1.6 installed (which should be pre-installed on your computer, if not find it here). Users who are just viewing do not need Java installed. You can test your java version here:Browser Test

Sharing your desktop with others

Sharing your desktop means that any users logged in to your VyewBook Meeting will be able to see what is on your screen. They cannot control your computer, but just view it. To share your desktop:

  • When logged into Vyew, click the "Desktop Sharing" tab in the top right area of the interface
  • Press "Start Sharing My Desktop" button
  • The Java Desktop Sharing panel will be loaded.
    You may have to approve a security warning. Click "Run," "Trust," or the similar action for your browser.
  • Your desktop will automatically start sharing.
  • Users can now see your desktop. (There is about a 3-4 second delay)
  • Click "Stop Sharing" when you are done.

Important Tip during Desktop Sharing

Users who are watching your desktop sharing will automatically see your screen at 100% of its size. If your screen is bigger then theirs, it will be cropped and their view will automatically pan over to where your mouse is. Use your mouse as a pointer for what you want them to look at.

Crop Mode

If you only want a certain portion of your screen to be shared, you can use Crop Mode. In the Desktop Sharing Control Panel, which will pop-up in the lower right corner of your screen, click on the dropdown to switch between "Fullscreen Mode" and "Crop Mode"

Best Practices

See this forum post for more information on: Desktop Sharing: Best Practices



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How do you delete files within a VyewBook? Do you have to delete the entire VyewBook?

When you delete a VyewBook, all files associated with it will be deleted (unless some of those files are also imported into other VyewBooks).

lightspeed on May 29 at 01:52 AM

How many participants can join a meeting at one time?  Can Vyew support 40-50 meeting participants?  I plan to use regular conference call lines and only one presenter.  Thanks.

As of now, June 2008 we can support up to 80 users for Web meetings and audio, but only 5 users can broadcast video (for now). This depends on which package you buy (20 max for free users). See our pricing page for info.

Cay on Jun 13 at 08:10 AM

Is there a way to set up reoccurring meetings?

Not at this time, our meeting scheduler sets up single dates. But, if you invite people to a VyewBook Meeting on an open ended bases (Live Meeting Invitation), you can just schedule a time with your people, say every week or every month, and their same invitation Link or Meeting URL will work for as long as you have that VyewBook meeting open to them.

cbutcher on Aug 07 at 06:23 AM

is it posible to edit text live, can another user edit what im writing?

Users cannot edit text at the EXACT same time. If a user is editing text, when they are done, another user may edit that same text immediately after.

jan_bg on Sep 16 at 02:10 PM

How do i clear chat?

In the chat pod, within the VyewBook meeting, the owner (and moderator) of the meeting is allowed to clear it. There is a menu button/dropdown in the titlebar of the chat pod. Click that, then select “clear chat history”.

Local Livelihoods on Sep 17 at 07:58 AM

How i can I export content from the VyewBook?

At this time, the only way to download the comments over the uploaded files is to print it to a PDF file. If you have a PDF writer installed, click the Print button within a VyewBook meeting. Coming by the end of the year is direct export to pdf and jpg

MG on Oct 15 at 02:05 AM

Hi. I would like to use this tool for webinars for my organization. You have a lot of great info, but it is tough to sift to find exactly that info. I want to broadcast my meeting via a web cam using powerpoint.  I’d lijke to send about 20 people an announcement of the upcoming meeting in our newsletter with a web address that they can just click it and then attend. I also want a conference type call over the phone or over the internet. If this works for us we would expand the number of initees. I think this would work great for church groups, school PTAs etc.

Can you point me to instructions for just doing that? This seems like a great product

Stephen Newmark on Oct 31 at 09:11 AM

Stephen, I added some content about your question:

Tim (vyew) on Oct 31 at 05:16 PM

Is it possible to just share a particular application on the desktop, say I only want to allow view of my powerpoint session, but not my emails… without having to press stop sharing

At this time, only the whole desktop is shared, that means everything that can be seen on the screen. If your emails are minimized, or underneath other windows, then it will not be shared/shown to your users.

jedhs79 on Dec 09 at 03:17 AM

How can I control muting to prevent extraneous noises during the presentation?

During the conference call, you can mute by pressing “*6”.  Here is a full list of options: Hotkey List

kimberly.davis on Jan 03 at 07:37 PM

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