Success Story: Nidek

Collaboration Among 30 Parties

Nidek uses hosted online collaboration tool Vyew to fine-tune its advertising for a new product.
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Success Story: Vizwerks

Replacing Faxes and In-person Meetings

Vizwerks speeds up the review process with Vyew by improving the traditional review process of faxes and in-person meetings
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I am an Australian English language teacher in Thailand. I have been using Vyew to tutor my students and it is fantastic. We always have a great time online and I am sure you have done a great service for those who are getting to know what you have done by working so hard to give the world a site such as this for free... What you are doing is helping lots of Thai youth and university students achieve things that were formerly very difficult to achieve.
G. Holmes, Montfort College, Thailand

Hats off to Vyew for providing the online collaboration marketplace with a truly valuable addition, and one which other players should be looking at for inspiration." (View article)
Robin Good,
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